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Sage AssuredSend is the secure file delivery service designed for the Sage Software Accountants Network and Sage Software Certified Consultants. With Sage AssuredSend, you can send confidential files to all of your clients securely and easily through a simple online interface.

Sage Software Accountants Network As an accountant, you need to comply with data security standards and accounting best practices. Sage AssuredSend enables you to transfer sensitive documents such as tax returns, audit information, and financial data with your clients in a secure manner.

Why should Sage Accountants use LeapFILE?
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Sage Software Certified Consultants With Sage AssuredSend, you can send files of any size or type to your valued clients instantly without worrying about blocked or bounced emails due to large attachments, FTP systems that clients find difficult to understand, and paying for overnight delivery services. If you require a reliable and secure method to exchange files in a cost-effective, timely, and hassle-free manner, then Sage AssuredSend is the solution for you.

Easy To Use
There is no more delay with overnight delivery services, blocked emails due to large attachments, or FTP systems that clients find difficult to understand. Sending files through Sage AssuredSend is as simple as sending an email.
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Security Compliance
Sage AssuredSend has a number of security and other features such as encryption, authentication, and tracking to ensure that your files are going where they should be going…where you want them to go.
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Free & Premium Membership Plans
Sage AssuredSend Standard Accounts are now complimentary for all valued members of the Sage Software Accountants Network and Certified Consultants, so sign up now and start using Sage AssuredSend right away! If you find that you need more than what the Standard Account offers, upgraded membership plans are also available.
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Send Files Securely Within MS Outlook
For accounting firms or companies that use Outlook/Exchange, Thunderbird, or Groupwise, we offer add-ons that integrate with your email client so that you can send files as email attachments via our secure platform. Thus, you be able to continue working the way you are accustomed to, but can now do so in a compliant manner.
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"How To Exchange Client Sensitive Files Without Breaching Privacy & Confidentiality"

For accountants, the privacy and confidentiality of your clients' information is of utmost importance. If you are using traditional methods such as email, to exchange these sensitive files, you may be susceptible to security risks and compliancy issues.

This complimentary screencast will discuss:

  • Security and privacy issues with emailing confidential files to clients
  • How an accounting firm is using a technology solution to address secure file transfer
  • Live demo on LeapFILE's secure file transfer solution for accountants

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